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BzzAgent cuisinart smart stick video for campaign

I am a BzzAgent member & they have a campaign for a  Cuisinart smart stick that i would love to get the campaign for. I am the cook of the house & just love baking as well. I also have 2 boys ages 4 & 5 that love helping out,but are limited on what they can help with on the count of our utensils. I think with the  Cuisinart smart stick that it would make food preparing/cooking so much easier & faster & enable our boys to help out a lot more which they would also love. Please BzzAgent pick me for this campaign & i will Bzz my heart out on the  Cuisinart smart stick. Thanks for reading & giving me a chance to apply for this campaign.

Coffee Beans and kisses review/giveaway for Boogie Wipes

The blog owner of Coffee Beans and Kisses was given Boogie Wipes to review then host a giveaway for. She has a great review up on her blog & though i have never used them for my boys they sound like they would be a great product for our little ones. I have went & signed up to enter the giveaway which is very easy entries & you should head on over & sign up for the giveaway as well as read her review on them. The sign up is a few short entries on her blog,so head on over here http://coffeebeankisses.blogspot.com/2011/09/review-and-giveaway-boogie-wipes.html & get started. The giveaway will end on Tuesday, Sept 20th at 10:59 PM CST. A winner will be chosen with random.org and will have 48 hrs to respond or a new winner will be selected.

Review on Old Navy’s new style of flip flops!

I am a member of Crowdtap where you are able to sample share and discuss products/brands in order to make things we use better by giving our feedback on whatever it is we may sample share or discuss. Through Crowdtap & Old Navy i was selected to try out a new style of Old Navy’s flip flops that hasn’t even hit the stores yet in return for my opinion of them & might i add I’m in love with them.

To tell you about the flip flop they are made out of rubber like material that can be easily wiped or washed off without doing damage to them. The material they are made out of is very soft on your feet and have little cute bubble looking design on the part your feet set on. The straps are very slim & have a fashionable little design on them as well.

The things I love about this new style Old Navy let me try is they are very slim which made my feet feel smaller than what they are rather than feeling like I have on skis. Also them being slim also makes them fit,feel & look better when your wearing them. The straps that go over the top of your feet are slim and  set higher upon your feet which makes the flip flop sit in place,feel better on your feet & this may sound weird,but they feel like they are hugging my feet,so I call them my feet huggers.:) Another different & great thing I love about them is the bottom of them are thicker than the original Old Navy flip flops which is nice because it makes you feel a little taller.

Now I love my flip flops & wear them every day the weather permits. With the new style I was able to wear the flip flops to the fair & ride rides that my feet was dangling on because the way they hug my feet i knew I wouldn’t have to worry about loosing 1 or both of them. Old Navy’s flip flops can be worn with anything & that is another reason i love them. The pair I received was black in color & I wore them with shorts,jeans,sun dresses & they looked great with whatever I wore. I am really liking this new style of flip flops by Old Navy & am looking forward to getting me a variety of colors in them.

If your interested in joining Crowdtap just click the link here.  http://bit.ly/kyz7Bk  It is invite only,so here is your chance to join in.

Trend Micro Safesync

Well i was given the option to try the Trend Micro Safesync for free through Bzz Agent & i just dont like it & really dont understand whats going on. It was easy to download,liked that it syncs your info in the background,but it said i could continue working on my computer & i noticed my computer getting slow & not wanting to load,so i would have to restart then it would go back to loading normal.

After that its been  syncing for a day & says it has 1 more day left,but when i log into my acc it says im out of room. I was clicking folders to find some say they were empty? Not sure what is going on with it,but i think it is a big waste of time. Others that know more about syncing & things like that might really like Trend Micro Safesync,but i just don’t think it’s for me.

<img src=”http://img.bzzagent.com/image/safesync.jpg?Type=activity&Activity=5789313107&Campaign=5100708602&Uid=1179490&token=a4567651c1aa71ca8a68dbe6b07c2d29&#8243; alt=””/>

Kashi TLC Pita Crisps Original 7 Grain with Sea Salt review

My family was chosen from Kashi to try out the new Kashi  TLC Pita Crisps Original 7 Grain with Sea & just loved them.

At 1st i was a little skeptical of my 4 & 5yr old boys eating them on the count of the sea salt,but they actually loved them too. We ate them alone as a snack & they were very good & we also dipped them in peanut butter which was also a hit with my family. It is a product that we will be keeping around the house now because its a really good tasty snack to munch on. I just loved the flavor of the crisps & the sea salt because it was the perfect blend for a awesome tasting snack. It also had the perfect crunch to it. It wasn’t to soft or to hard,so it had the perfect texture. The main thing that is really good about the TLC Pita Crisps is it is also a healthy snack for the family.

If you haven’t tried these yet & like cracker like snacks or am looking for something good & tasty for your family to snack on i suggest you give these a try. for my picky eater boys to like them that has to say a whole lot about how good they are,so hope you all give these a try. 

Club Clairolista

I am in Club Clairolista’s which is brought to us by Clairol & Expo. Is what i will be doing is helping,chatting with everyone about coloring their hair. When you are needing so advice on which color is right for you,you can come to my facebook page that has been set up for me & I will help you with whatever you may need. I love chatting with people & especially talking about coloring hair and really just anything to do with beautifying our self.Also you can shop the P&G store for your needs & until July 31st they have a coupon on selected items that you can use which makes the deal even better.

I will put some links below to my FB Clairolista page, P&G Store & Expo for your convenience. If you are interested please come join me,sign up for Expo which is a awesome site as well as the P&G store where you can get good deals on products you use.

Here is the link to my Clairolista FB page.

Here is the link to the P&G store.

Here is the link to EXPO.

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