Burt’s Bees Review

I am a member of BzzAgent & was chosen for the Burt’s Bees Campaign. Through the campaign i received Burt’s Bees sensitive facial cleanser & Burt’s Bees sensitive daily moisturizing cream which both was full size products for me to try out. Along with the full size products to try for myself i also received samples & coupons to share with friends & family.

To start off with before i received the products to try i would say my face is dry to oily and is so hard for me to find something that actually works for me. I was honestly thinking i wouldn’t be able to use the products long because with my face being oily to dry it is very hard to find products that don’t make the dry places on my face much worse to where its cracking open & becoming a sore & that helps tame some of the oiliness down.

The very 1st time i used it it made my face feel like it had some barrier on it which was very different & i wasn’t sure i liked that feeling or not. After washing with it & using the daily moisturizer for i would say a little over a week i noticed my face didn’t seem to be so red in color like it was before,the driest places on my face wasn’t dry & actually looked to be moisturized and my skin just looked a little healthier. Also the feeling of a barrier on your face from the facial cleanser actually wasn’t so bad & seemed to me that that was what kept the oily parts of my face getting very oily really fast like they use to. Now after using it for 5 weeks I as well as others have noticed that my facial skin looks healthier  & the redness has toned down  a lot. Now I am thinking is what caused a lot of my redness was the cleansing & moisturizing products I was using before I started using the Burt’s Bees,because Burt’s Bees has really been perfect for me considering all the great changes I have seen with it and then thinking about the past products i used making my face really oily in the oily parts & very very dry in the dry parts.

With this being said I am very thankful i was given the opportunity to try these products out & share my views with others on them because I know how it is being the one that is desperate for a product that works for you. Especially when it has to do with your face which I think that is something that we should be very proud of and not embarrassed to have conversations with others face to face because of the condition our face is in & our face being something others look at while talking to us. If you think of yourself when reading about me here I really think you should give Burt’s Bees sensitive skin products a try because you never know,they could be life changing to your life just like they have been to mine.

To give you a little information about the Burt’s Bees products they are 99% natural, Fragrance-Free and Hypo-Allergenic, Dermatologist tested & Allergy tested, naturally gentle and skin friendly to use daily & contains Cotton Extract to soften & help replenish skin’s outer layer.