Old Navy’s Womens Outerwear Review

Thankfully i was chosen by Crowdtap and Old Navy to be a part of the sampling group for Old Navy’s Outerwear. I was sent two coupons, one for myself & the other to share with a friend to get any Old Navy’s outerwear item that we wanted. I had looked online before my friend & I went to Old Navy to try to get a idea of what kind of outerwear item I would want, and was a little worried that my choices would be limited since it’s been jacket wearing weather here for a short time already this year. When we arrived at Old Navy & seen the HUGE selection of outerwear to choose from we was overfilled with excitement, but knew it wasn’t going to be a easy or fast decision.

The first thing that really caught my eye was the Women’s Wool Blend Coats because I love the nice and classy look it has to it. After looking and looking at the different ones i decided that i liked the black plaid one the most. I picked my size off the rack and tried it on and that’s when i loved it even more. Instantly after trying it on it made me feel really good. It has some weight to it which made me feel very comfortable I thought it fit my body style. After going back and forth to all the other women’s outerwear that i really liked I finally chose this black plaid women’s wool blend coat and must say after wearing it for a couple of weeks I am very happy with my decision to pick this one.

I did have some other pictures of my friend & I at Old Navy with coats we considered and the ones we selected,but i can’t find them on my computer now. I will continue to look for them and if i find them will add them so everyone can see.

I also really liked this one..

and this one…

My friend ended up selecting this one.. 
and this is one of the many she also liked…
Their was another coat that i really like and i will be returning back to Old Navy very soon to get it too. I was very pleased with the variety they have for us to choose from and not to mention when we went to select our coats the workers were very helpful, nice and even though they had never seen a Old Navy free outerwear coupon before they gladly accepted it and told us they was very happy we were able to connect with Old Navy like this & try their products for free. The customer service a lone is a plus for shopping at Old Navy. 
If your not a member of   Crowdtap yet and am interested in joining to connect with brands like this and be able to give your feedback on their items by sample shares like I & a friend done or discussions just click the Crowdtap link and sign up. Also if you are in need of some Old Navy outerwear or any other Old Navy wear head on over to Old Navy  & get it while they have some awesome sales going on.          

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