Peace love & poop is having a awesome 1,000 fan celebration giveaway for a Rockboard scooter

Peace love & Poop is celebrating reaching 1,000 fans & is having some awesome giveaway & one in particular is for the Rockboard Scooter which is valued at $199.99. This Rockboard Scooter is something that every child would want when they see it. This scooter is a very unique one that i have never seen before & has me really hoping i can win this giveaway for my boys. A couple of things that make this scooter very unique is you can get it going by rocking back & forth with your feet & can get up to 10MPH. Also you can turn it into a regular scooter & another thing i love about it is you can fold it up for easy storage. Now after reading about this awesome Rockboard Scooter if your interested in trying to win it head on over to Peace,Love & Poop to enter this giveaway,plus more & most importantly celebrate with her. She also has a lot of helpful information & lots of giveaways going on.