Trend Micro Safesync

Well i was given the option to try the Trend Micro Safesync for free through Bzz Agent & i just dont like it & really dont understand whats going on. It was easy to download,liked that it syncs your info in the background,but it said i could continue working on my computer & i noticed my computer getting slow & not wanting to load,so i would have to restart then it would go back to loading normal.

After that its been  syncing for a day & says it has 1 more day left,but when i log into my acc it says im out of room. I was clicking folders to find some say they were empty? Not sure what is going on with it,but i think it is a big waste of time. Others that know more about syncing & things like that might really like Trend Micro Safesync,but i just don’t think it’s for me.

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