Club Clairolista

I am in Club Clairolista’s which is brought to us by Clairol & Expo. Is what i will be doing is helping,chatting with everyone about coloring their hair. When you are needing so advice on which color is right for you,you can come to my facebook page that has been set up for me & I will help you with whatever you may need. I love chatting with people & especially talking about coloring hair and really just anything to do with beautifying our self.Also you can shop the P&G store for your needs & until July 31st they have a coupon on selected items that you can use which makes the deal even better.

I will put some links below to my FB Clairolista page, P&G Store & Expo for your convenience. If you are interested please come join me,sign up for Expo which is a awesome site as well as the P&G store where you can get good deals on products you use.

Here is the link to my Clairolista FB page.

Here is the link to the P&G store.

Here is the link to EXPO.


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