Kashi TLC Pita Crisps Original 7 Grain with Sea Salt review

My family was chosen from Kashi to try out the new Kashi  TLC Pita Crisps Original 7 Grain with Sea & just loved them.

At 1st i was a little skeptical of my 4 & 5yr old boys eating them on the count of the sea salt,but they actually loved them too. We ate them alone as a snack & they were very good & we also dipped them in peanut butter which was also a hit with my family. It is a product that we will be keeping around the house now because its a really good tasty snack to munch on. I just loved the flavor of the crisps & the sea salt because it was the perfect blend for a awesome tasting snack. It also had the perfect crunch to it. It wasn’t to soft or to hard,so it had the perfect texture. The main thing that is really good about the TLC Pita Crisps is it is also a healthy snack for the family.

If you haven’t tried these yet & like cracker like snacks or am looking for something good & tasty for your family to snack on i suggest you give these a try. for my picky eater boys to like them that has to say a whole lot about how good they are,so hope you all give these a try. 


Club Clairolista

I am in Club Clairolista’s which is brought to us by Clairol & Expo. Is what i will be doing is helping,chatting with everyone about coloring their hair. When you are needing so advice on which color is right for you,you can come to my facebook page that has been set up for me & I will help you with whatever you may need. I love chatting with people & especially talking about coloring hair and really just anything to do with beautifying our self.Also you can shop the P&G store for your needs & until July 31st they have a coupon on selected items that you can use which makes the deal even better.

I will put some links below to my FB Clairolista page, P&G Store & Expo for your convenience. If you are interested please come join me,sign up for Expo which is a awesome site as well as the P&G store where you can get good deals on products you use.

Here is the link to my Clairolista FB page.

Here is the link to the P&G store.

Here is the link to EXPO.

NEW Downy Unstopables (in-wash scent booster)

I received the New Downy Unstopables from Vocalpoint as a try & tell product. they sent me a full size product which is 13.2oz’s. I am very happy with this product & can’t wait until its on store shelves,so i can stock up on it. 

A little about this product, it is a new laundry scent booster that you just add to your washer drum. It is also safe for all colors,fabrics and loads. As far as i know right now they have two different scents which is Fresh & Lush. Fresh is more like a clean,airy,crisp scent & Lush is luxurious,relaxing and romantic scent. It also comes in a nice bottle that can be stored very easy & not take up a lot of space. The top of the lid has a nice little cap that you can use for measuring the product & in the lid it has little holes in it,so if you squeeze the bottle you can smell the scent of the product.

Now for my opinion on this product. I tried the Fresh scent & am very pleased with the results i got. The 1st time i used it i had also put a different Downy liquid  fabric softener in with my wash & i could still smell the scent of the new Downy unstopables. The 2nd time i used the product i didn’t use any other fabric softener & just used the Downy unstopables & was very surprised with the outcome of my laundry. When i got my laundry out of the washing machine my laundry smelled so good & even after being dried & a week later i can still smell the scent of the Downy unstopables on the laundry that has been washed with it. The scent just sticks with your laundry,so im really loving this product. 

Now as for the directions it just say’s to put into your drum on top of your laundry,so I tried it 2 different ways. 1st i added it on top of my laundry before my washer started & the scent was still on my laundry when i took it out of the washer,after being dried & so far for about a wk because i 1st used this last week. For the 2nd time i added it to my machine drum on the last rinse & got the same results as i did when i added it in the beginning of my washing. Now the 2 times i have talked about here i did not use any other fabric softener & only used my laundry detergent.  

Well this is my review on the New Downy unstopables & like i said I am really pleased with this product and am excited about new scents coming out because this product is just awesome! On a paper that came with my product it says this product has hit selected stores,so you should check your local stores to see if it’s available to be purchased & if not hopefully it will be available soon for everyone because i highly recommend Downy unstopables.