I have been a member of Crowdtap for a few months & really like it. I love being able to give my opinion to companies on products i use to help make them better etc. Some great things Crowdtap offers is you can get in on sample shares,discussions,quick hits & earn some extra amazon while at the same time 5% of what you earn will go to the charity of your choice,plus Crowdtap will match it.

Doing quick hits will help you get into discussions as well as sample shares and you earn points to help you get to the next level. The higher level you get the more things you will get to participate in.

When you get to do sample shares Crowdtap will either send you the products or coupons for you to go get the product with. When you get in on a sample share you will also have access to a discussion thread where you can give your opinion & talk with other crowdtapper’s about the product. Once you receive the product you will share it with your friends/family,then you will do a little survey letting the company know what you & your friends/family thought of the product. If you do a good review & post good thoughtful post in the discussion you have a really good chance on earning the top amount reward for that sample share.

Now on the payout, when you get more than $9.99 in your cash account you will be able to cash out for amazon. Keep in mind 5% will automatically go to the charity you chose & Crowdtap will match that,so you can also help out your favorite charity at the same time while earning you a little extra amazon to spend. Another thing is if you wanted to donate all of your earnings to the charity of your choice you could do that,but you don’t have to.

If you like sharing your opinion,helping your favorite charity out,getting to do sample shares & earning a little amazon along the way,you should sign up & check it out. I just know Crowdtap will be a site that everyone loves to be a member of. It is my invite only,so i will post a sign up link below. 


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