Review for Survey Spot


I’m sure everyone has seen that they have been working on the web shop that way especially the ones that can’t cash out by paypal can cash out for gift cards etc.? Well I’ve been a member for over a month & am one of those that is waiting on the webshop because thats the only way i can get my reward for doing surveys for them. After waiting a month & building up over $30 on my acc. & the web shop still not available i decided to contact them to find out about when it will be up for us. When i called i spoke with a lady & told her i was wanting to know about when the web shop will be open etc. & she told me i would have to speak with another person & shes probably not available to answer the phone,but i could leave her a message with my ? & email & she would email me about my ?. I left the message with all of my info plus more,asking her to please call me back & have yet to even receive even a email from the person regarding my ? about the web shop.

I had to file a ticket on here with customer support over a survey issue & also asked in my email to them when the web shop would be available because its the only way i have getting a reward on here. I did get a response from them stating it is taking longer than expected & if their is a update on it it will be posted here on FB. I have also asked a couple times on here by posting on the wall here with no response & reading down the wall here i seen others have also asked about it with no response. I asked if anyone knew how long they have been working on it & another member said it’s been since Halloween which is a very long time.

With this being said here is what i think. I think survey spot has no intentions on opening a web shop because if they did you would think customer support on the issue would be better and people that asked here wouldn’t have been ignored,we would get a time line,& it wouldn’t have took so long to begin with.  I am also a member on Light speed & my surveys & they recently joined the company’s together & you know how long it took for them to do so? 3 days the site was down & that was it. Also im on a few panels that have a web shop to cash out in for a reward & from my experience cashing out on those sites with the web shop is that once you convert your points for the web shop it is out of the hands of the survey panel & comes from the site that owns the web shop because when i get my amazon gift card it is mailed to my home from the web shop name,not the survey panel. with that being said it looks to me the survey panel would only need to partner with a web shop site to be able to offer it & if that’s the case why has it taken survey spot going on 4mths that i know of?

With this being out here i hope everyone takes time to read & think about this issue. I didn’t post this because im upset with survey spot, i posted it to let others be aware that if your only method of getting a reward from this site is cashing out for a gift card from a web shop you might want to rethink of wasting your time here. I know i have wasted tons of time on this site & i will not waste anymore until the web shop is open so i can get my reward & if that ever happens i will become a active member again,but until then im done with them.

Update on Survey Spot

Well i wanted to give a update on survey spot & that is that they finally opened the web shop. We now have another way to cash out instead of just paypal. Also they have tons of gift card options in the web shop which is also nice. The other great thing about the web shop that i have noticed is if you cash out for amazon the gift codes get sent to your email immediately.